June 2018: Paper 2

New threats and hacking methods emerge every day, proving the online consumer is an
increasingly growing target. In the age of multi-million-euro data leaks and thefts, to
voluntarily giving away personal information on social media, users must be educated on
how they are unwittingly putting themselves at risk to be fraudsters next victim. Banking
customers are at the ultimate risk of having their personal information stolen in ways no one
thought was possible such as covert channel attacks or the stealing of data through hackers
use of mobile sensor data. This paper provides insights into the latest hacking threats, and
how the use of biometrics and multi-factor authentication can help users to combat these
issues. The project also explores human psychology, the consumers brain, and how
gamification can be used to nudge users towards a safer online lifestyle. Ultimately, the aim
of this report is to prove that no matter how much prevention technology is in place,
education is paramount in order to fully secure a user and their data.

Keywords: Cyber-security, Biometrics, Multifactor authentication, Gamification, Online


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