June 2018: Paper 3

Entrepreneurship is a career path that many individuals aspire to take. However, the ambiguity around
the stages necessary in the entrepreneurial journey can inhibit individuals from pursuing their potential venture. Although there is a plethora of research into entrepreneurship we have found a shortfall of research which has documented this process using a University student viewpoint. Taking this into consideration, this paper investigates the various stages identified in the start-up journey using the potential venture we have identified, whilst still focusing on the entrepreneurial framework. The aim of this investigative research was to create a entrepreneurial journey stages model, in which individuals could follow and apply to any potential venture. We draw heavily on advice received from relevant individuals in the industry to ensure accuracy in our research. We present some preliminary qualitative and quantitative findings that contributed to the formation of our potential venture. The overall goal of this paper is to use the potential venture we identified, to illustrate the framework we developed for the entrepreneurial journey.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Cloud Technologies, Market Research, Lean Methodology

Entreprenuerial Journey

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