June 2018: Paper 1

The impact that floods are having on our economic and social climate is an ever-increasing problem due to the
effects of climate change. Thus, identifying low-cost solutions to this problem using newly-created technology
has become a very relevant research area. Flood monitoring has always been a popular area of research
however the contemporary monitoring systems in place are costly and thus alternatives and improvements to
these are explored. Investigation into current procedures and sensors in place in Ireland is carried out and
viable, innovative solutions are identified. Solutions are identified for improving energy-expenditure and
reducing maintenance work needed for these new sensors versus the present systems. Investigations into the
benefits and possibilities provided by the LoRa network are also accomplished. Finally, problems with the
current state of insurance for flood prone properties are identified and explorations into the use of blockchain
technologies to address this situation and alleviate the consequences of flooding are also explored.

Keywords: Flooding, Internet of Things Sensors, LoRa, Open Data, Blockchain


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