NovoVerse welcomes articles from a broad range of business and information management topics. Theoretical and practical research (including case studies and business project reports) providing useful insights will be considered. Our editorial philosophy is to strive for a balance between theoretical and practical topics.

Editorial and Advisory Board

NovoVerse operates under the guidance of an editorial and advisory board who act as ambassadors for the eJournal. Comprising active researchers in their respective field our editorial and advisory boards manage the peer review of your research article, ensuring that the process is constructive, fair and replicates the rigors of the academic reviewing process. The NovoVerse editorial and advisory boards provide:

⇨ Expert advice on communication content and strategies
Expert advice on eJournal policy and scope
Constructive feedback to authors on their submissions
⇨ Final decisions on whether research articles should be accepted or not

Call for Papers

We’re always looking for new work. If you believe that your article would be a good fit for NovoVerse, please see our research article submission guidelines here. Students wishing to seek further clarifications prior to submitting can contact the NovoVerse Editor-In-Chief Dr Trevor Clohessy.