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The NovoVerse undergraduate research eJournal is a new business and information management undergraduate research resource. Our aim is to motivate undergraduate students, in a supporting but assiduous environment, to engage in the craft of innovative and empirically rigorous academic research writing which is subsequently published and disseminated to a wider public audience. The NovoVerse eJournal project is nuanced in terms of involving a trifecta of specific stakeholders in the publication process: undergraduates (Authors), postgraduates (Mentors) and academics (Stewards). This undergraduate eJournal will be underpinned by an action research element and consequently will provide a project template for increasing awareness of importance of undergraduate research communication and dissemination at a national level.


The NovoVerse submission process is simple. An undergraduate student submits their research article which is then reviewed by a group of postgraduate research students. A decision is then made whether to publish the article. The student then receives constructive feedback on their submission regardless of whether the article is accepted or not. This entire process is monitored by a senior editorial panel. The student will then have the opportunity to present their research at the annual NUI Galway undergraduate research conference.


The benefits for students who publish in NovoVerse are multifold in terms of:
⇨ Research Mentoring & Constructive Feedback: Students will receive invaluable research mentoring and feedback on their submitted articles from postgraduate students.
⇨ Showcasing Competencies to Prospective Employers: Students can use their published article for inclusion in their curriculum vitae, LinkedIn profile and research portfolio.
⇨ Developing Research Writing Skills: Students engage in the craft of academic writing in a supportive but assiduous refereeing environment which prepares them for the rigours of postgraduate research.
⇨ Research Presentation & Dissemination: Students can gain experience in presenting and communicating their research at the annual NovoVerse undergraduate research conference. Furthermore, NovoVerse enables students to disseminate their research to a wider public audience.Students wishing to seek further clarifications prior to submitting can contact the NovoVerse Editor-In-Chief Dr Trevor Clohessy.
NovoVerse welcomes articles from a broad range of business and information management topics submitted from single or multiple authors. We also welcome guest papers from all other academic institutions. Theoretical and practical research (including case studies and business project reports) providing useful insights will be considered. Our editorial philosophy is to strive for a balance between theoretical and practical topics. All accepted research articles will be published electronically here on the NovoVerse eJournal website. Accepted research articles will demonstrate a high caliber of theoretical underpinning, encompass empirically based investigation and include both theoretical and practical impactful contributions. For further details please see Authors Guidelines.
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